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From the bottom of our hearts we invite you to culinary journeys. Relaxed, casual and cordial as if you were at home with good friends.
Look forward to traditional classics of our region and discover modern dishes with a focus on essentials: pure taste. Enjoy the best regional food, hand-picked products from around the world and inspiring flavors. Indulge in delightful menus, the finest dry-aged meat specialties, tender poultry and fresh fish from the grill or tandoor. Try new vegetarian and vegan delicacies and taste fine wines and drinks that will make your senses dance.


Manager Alexander Patronelli
and the entire Hieronymus team look forward to seeing you!



5 pm to 11 pm
Last order for the kitchen at 9 pm


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5 pm to 11 pm

Last order for the kitchen at 9 pm

Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays


In good weather
from Wednesday to Sunday
from 2 pm



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7 quetions for  chef de cuisine Robert Adam 

Have you always wanted to cook? 
Yes, always. It was my big dream from the age of three.

What do you like most about your work? 
The action and excitement and adrenaline that can arise. No two days are the same.

How does the inspiration for a new dish come about? 
It varies - but mostly when I have certain colors in my head that match the season, then ideas come ... New recipes are [then] very much created through trial and error, it sometimes happens with a precise idea that there is a “perfect match” the first time ...

Is taste always subjective or are there objective rules? In other words, can a guest be wrong if they don't like it? 
Jeder hat seinen eigenen Geschmack und falls man mal den Geschmack von jemanden nicht trifft, ist es kein großes Problem. Essen ist ein sehr persönliches und intimes Thema.

What do you cook for yourself? 
Mainly vegetarian or vegan dishes.

In gastronomy, you can not only become a star chef, but also a star. Do you think about your image? 
There are people who don't need the limelight and cook out of passion and not to get any awards. In the end, all that counts is the guest and if that's what counts, then success will come by itself ...

Rule of thumb for home use: You should always/never ...? 
You should always try to get the best out of a product. - You should never use white pepper *smile*.